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SEP has begun working on the construction of a new grower poultry house in Iecava, Bauska Municipality. It will be built in compliance with modern standards for animal welfare, energy performance and the environment, as well as with Latvian laws and regulations. The new facility will be able to accommodate almost 186,000 chickens on its two levels. The construction area is 2500 m2, but given that the house will have two floors, the total floor area of the new building will be 5000 m2. The Balticovo grower poultry house will consist of two process levels, with each level equipped with process equipment for keeping chickens. The grower poultry house project involves the construction of concrete-surface open areas at the manure pickup conveyor, the construction of concrete kerbs along the foundation of the building, the renovation of the existing paved surfaces above utility lines, the installation and restoration of lawns, and the construction of utility lines for the grower poultry house. The design of the house also includes modern and sustainable solutions for energy performance, as well as the welfare and safety of animals.