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SEP possesses advanced domain-specific expertise, positioning them to manage projects irrespective of their magnitude or technical complexity.

The SEP ensemble delivers holistic engineering and design solutions, underpinned by best-in-class methodologies.

With a structure comprising eight specialized engineering departments, SEP integrates BIM (Building Information Modelling) into its project development lifecycle. This centralized digital representation facilitates a meticulous, transparent, and consistent design trajectory, ensuring optimal project outcomes.

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AES Hanhikivi-1, Finland

Benchmark Standards in Construction Qualifications and Experience

SEP’s engineers deliver a successful, high-quality construction development process, from careful design and planning to precise supervision of construction.

With their proven expertise and track record, SEP ensures project outcomes align with client expectations.

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If you're venturing into the realm of biogas projects, whether it's in the design phase, construction, or operational startup, our seasoned team stands ready to provide a full spectrum of tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. 

SEP provides clients with best-in-class solutions for the generation of biogas, biomethane, and organic fertilizer. These solutions not only facilitate a reduction in recurrent CO2 emissions but also play a pivotal role in achieving environmental sustainability objectives. 

SEP's specialized biogas engineers are adept at recommending cutting-edge technologies specific to your project requirements. They oversee the installation of biogas generators, and heat recovery systems, and integrate other pertinent technical components.

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EGG Energy, Latvia
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